Welcome to my website and my musical adventure. I’ve been playing around with music since I was a kid and was really drawn to folk music early on, especially the work of the great singer-songwriters of the 60s and 70s. Decades later, I am still drawn to this style and sound. I enjoy playing acoustic music and writing my own songs, and also adding my own twist to some classics.

I have a small home/loft recording studio set-up and have a lot of fun recording my music and experimenting with multiple tracks and instruments. The recordings here represent some of the music I have worked on over the years, including both originals and covers. It’s been really fun playing multiple instruments on various tracks and coming up with my own version of a song. I usually record the rhythm guitar and vocal first, and then I add tracks for additional instruments. Mostly, I play an acoustic electric guitar and harmonicas.

Music is just a hobby for me, but I have performed in a couple of local bands. I am currently playing with my buddy Dave Pinkerton, who is an excellent banjo player. We call ourselves Between Drifts. We have been developing our sound during the past two or three years, and we’ve been playing gigs in and around the Gunnison Valley. Visit our website for more info and posts on upcoming gigs.